The Patient Communication Simulator: Standardized Training of Patient Communication Techniques with Advanced Simulation Technology

As Healthcare Simulationists we constantly ask ourselves, where do we start improving our training for the nurses, physicians, and allied healthcare professionals of 2050 through healthcare simulation today?

Patient simulators needs both an ongoing evolution along the traditional dimensions or realism, dependability and affordability as well as a revolution to broaden the potential of simulation.

5 Functionality Questions Asked About ALEX™

We get heaps of great questions through’s live chat channel, so we thought we’d collect the 5 most frequently asked questions and publicly share not only the answers, but insights into why he is the way he is.

I Speak, Therefore I Am.

ALEX doesn’t just bring new features to yesterday’s simulators, ALEX is a new type of patient simulator. He’s called a Patient Communication Simulator (PCS) because that’s exactly what he does. ALEX is the first patient simulator to speak in three different ways: Reliable ‘Voice of God’ for active facilitators from any location. Yes, any location –…

Anatomy Of A Screen

In our eyes, one is just as important as the other. So when our software developers set out to design the ALEX interface, the goal was to put themselves in the shoes of the end user – and create the perfect balance of sophistication and simplicity. Compare ALEX’s screens to the typical manikin software you’ve…

Simulators Never Sounded Like This

Buckle In, It’s Time to Geek Out! We set out to answer two questions. ‘Why are simulator sounds so crappy?’ and ‘How could we make the implementing of quality vital sounds more affordable?’ After doing a fair amount of research regarding the vital sounds of all patient simulators on the market, we discovered the following:…

Experience the Patient’s Perspective

“A family relative was hopitalized this week with a stroke at a hospital a few hours from me – and his experience left me demoralized about medicine.”   Dr. Harlan Krumholz, Yale University School of Medicine At one time or another, all of us – or family members – have had disappointing healthcare encounters. In…

The ALEX Physiological Feature Set

In creating ALEX, we asked professionals like yourself: What physiological features do you really want in your patient simulators? The answer was, predictably, “It depends.” We’ve learned that, depending on the participants’ skill level and learning objectives, most simulation sessions never begin to utilize all the features of costly, high-fidelity simulators – but need more…

Cloud Connectivity Comes to Your Sims

Now, No Man(ikin) is an Island

Today, in everything we do, connectivity is key. It’s a new world of capabilities, communication and control – based in the game-changer called the cloud.