Make your SP encounters better with this one simple trick

Earlier this week we introduced PCS Plus, the wearable simulator for humans and manikins. Today I’d like to dive a little deeper on what you can expect when you pair PCS Plus with a human. To put it simply: a lot. Bring physical findings to your SP encounters with our dynamic physiology. Is your standardized…

PCS Mini-Grant FAQs

Top 7 Frequently Asked Questions about the VR in Simulation PCS Mini-Grant.

VERA is now PCS Spark

When we originally launched VERA a short 10 months ago, we did so with a few patient cases and only one avatar, who we colloquially referred to as VERA. Since then, the team has been hard at work adding a diverse range of avatars that now includes a range of ethnicities, ages, and genders!  As…

PCS Mini-Grant Opportunity

PCS is announcing a mini-grant opportunity for innovative simulation programs with a passion for cutting-technology (AI and Virtual Reality) and an aspiration to elevated their clinical interview training opportunities.

PCS’ Brain Understands You Much Better Now

ALEX has always had speech up his sleeve, after all, he is a patient communication simulator, right?! Well, we’ve been working up some magic on his conversation. Come join us for a behind the scenes sneak peek into the secrets of the magician.   ALEX’s speech has been something you could customize for a while…

Controlling ALEX From Behind the Scenes Can Be Automated

If you have been using patient simulators for a while, you know all about the concept of a patient scenario including several different patient states. Pretty much all high fidelity simulators allow you to define such states as a shortcut to changing a large number of patient parameters at the same time. ALEX had such…

Capnogram, EtCO2, and New ECG Waveforms

From now on, when you’ll start a simulation you’ll notice ALEX has a capnogram monitoring EtCO2 values you can set, additional  ECG waveforms, and customizable virtual patient monitor layout. A capnogram displays the inhaled and exhaled concentration or partial pressure of CO2, and is an indirect monitor of the CO2 partial pressure in the arterial blood. ALEX does…

Make ALEX smarter today with Speech Suggestions

Full disclosure: ALEX is smart … but only as smart as we’ve made him so far. You -or your learner- may have experienced ALEX being a bit confused, or not quite understanding a more unusual or complex question. Perhaps a slightly embarrassing moment occurred when he either just responded with a puzzled “Sure” or gave…

The Patient Communication Simulator: Standardized Training of Patient Communication Techniques with Advanced Simulation Technology

As Healthcare Simulationists we constantly ask ourselves, where do we start improving our training for the nurses, physicians, and allied healthcare professionals of 2050 through healthcare simulation today?

Patient simulators needs both an ongoing evolution along the traditional dimensions or realism, dependability and affordability as well as a revolution to broaden the potential of simulation.

5 Functionality Questions Asked About ALEX™

We get heaps of great questions through’s live chat channel, so we thought we’d collect the 5 most frequently asked questions and publicly share not only the answers, but insights into why he is the way he is.