Incase you missed this key piece of information at IMSH 2020

It was standing room only. The room had about 100 chairs; people continued to trickle in after the session had started, finding room along the back wall and up the sides. They’d come to better understand the topic: artificial intelligence, even more specifically how AI is impacting the field of patient simulation. 

One point we hope everyone took away from the IMSH 2020 Learning Lab was that gaining a working knowledge of AI and machine learning can be attained by anyone, not just those of us in the field. Take a few minutes out of your day today and watch this video about AI and machine learning – our engineers unanimously agree it’s the best summary on the topic we’ve ever seen.   

33% of us only think we use technology with AI, but actually 77% already use an AI-powered service or device (according to this Pega survey of global consumers N=6000). Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is becoming an increasingly integral part of our professional and personal lives, and understanding it as a tool is the first step in quieting our fears. 

Given the popularity of the Learning Lab, we’ll be sharing the presentation slides and summaries over the coming months. If you’d like to receive only these digestible, educational emails and insights, subscribe to our blog.

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