VERA is now PCS Spark

When we originally launched VERA a short 10 months ago, we did so with a few patient cases and only one avatar, who we colloquially referred to as VERA. Since then, the team has been hard at work adding a diverse range of avatars that now includes a range of ethnicities, ages, and genders! 

As our patient and avatar lineup continues to grow, it’s become clear that we’ve grown beyond the name “Vera”, and that we’d be doing a disservice to the rest of our content and avatars if we continued to solely use the name VERA. 

We needed a name that reflected our broader platform ambitions and content strategy that will continue to see new patient cases and avatars added for years to come, which is why today we are excited to announce that VERA is now PCS Spark.

pcs-spark-logo-primary (1)

PCS Spark is an electric undercurrent, a fiery particle, a soul that alights simulation hardware with the PCS Speech Engine, whether it’s a VR headset or a manikin.

PCS Spark: Ignite AI-powered learning.

Along with the name change we have also completely redesigned our website for PCS Spark which, we think does a pretty decent job at covering all of the new content and features that we’ve added to PCS Spark since launch. I invite you to take a look:

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